The National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health (NCCAH) proudly celebrates a successful decade of knowledge sharing about Indigenous peoples’ and public health in Canada.

On January 8, 2013, the Federal Court of Canada ruled in favour of plaintiffs Harry Daniels, Gabriel Daniels, Leah Gardner, Terry Joudrey and the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples in a 13-year long legal battle with the Canadian government to declare Métis and non-status Indians as “Indians” under the Constitution Act, 1867.

From Coffee and Eggs to the First of its Kind in Canada: A Story of Determinants of Indigenous Peoples' Health In Canada

"Sometimes really good things happen over a conference breakfast." Dr. Sarah de Leeuw

At this year's Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada (IPAC) National Mentorship Forum, Dr. Margo Greenwood, Dr. Jeff Reading, and Dr. Evan Adam presented on CIPHER – an international collaboration on Competencies for Indigenous Public Health, Evaluation and Research.
The NCCAH funded the research and writing of a literature review examining child development screening and assessment tools and their efficacy in Aboriginal contexts.
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