Our Staff
Margo Greenwood, PhD
Academic Lead
Phone: (250) 960-5239
E-mail: margo.greenwood@unbc.ca
Donna Atkinson, MA
Phone: (250) 960-6719
E-mail: donna.atkinson@unbc.ca
Sarah de Leeuw, PhD
Research Associate
Phone: (250) 960-5993
E-mail: sarah.deleeuw@unbc.ca
Alison Gerlach, PhD
Post-doctoral fellow
E-mail: alison.gerlach@unbc.ca

Nicole Lindsay, PhD Candidate
Research Associate
E-mail: nicole.lindsay@unbc.ca

Roberta Stout, MA
Research Associate
Phone: (204) 292-9611
E-mail: roberta.stout@unbc.ca
Regine Halseth
Research Associate
Phone: (250) 960-5963
E-mail: regine.halseth@unbc.ca
Teri Delaney
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (250) 960-5250
E-mail: teri.delaney@unbc.ca
Jane Olson
Research Finance Officer
Phone: (250) 960-6740
E-mail: jane.olson@unbc.ca
Elsie Johnson
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (250) 960-6680
E-mail: elsie.johnson@unbc.ca
Lesa Cauchie
Communications Officer
Phone: (250) 960-6721
E-mail: lesa.cauchie@unbc.ca


credit photo : UNBC

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