Ecohealth and Aboriginal Health: A Review of Common Ground  



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The NCCAH views child health as embedded in a web-of-being with direct relevance to ecosystem and climate change. 

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Artistic expression: identity, health and place through Indigenous eyes
- The NCCAH  joined forces with the University of British Columbia (Okanagan Campus) to publish a unique edition of LAKE: A Journal of Arts and Environment in 2012.

Canadian Community of Practice in Ecosystem Approaches to Health

International Development Research Centre - Ecohealth

Ecohealth - an international, peer-reviewed journal focused on the integration of knowledge at the interface between ecological and health sciences.

International Association for Ecology and Health

Indigenous Perspectives on Ecosystem Sustainability and Health (2.57 MB) - available on-line, this special edition of the EcoHealth journal was timed to coincide with the adoption of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People.


Mel Bazil on Ecohealth from NCCAH - Aboriginal Health on Vimeo. (3:24)


Warming up to the Embodied Context of First Nations Child Health: A Critical Intervention into and Analysis of Health and Climate Change Research
In International Public Health Journal 2010, 2 (4), 477-485. Authors Margot Parkes, Sarah de Leeuw, and Margo Greenwood argue that the health and wellbeing of Indigenous children, their communities, and ultimately their nations, arises from connection with the land and from cultural strengths linked with this connectivity. They analyze options that can help prevent climate change from exacerbating health inequities experienced by Aboriginal children in Canada.

Connecting People, Place and Health

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