Looking for Aboriginal Health in Legislation and Policies, 1970 to 2008: The Policy Synthesis Project 
Released by the NCCAH in June 2011, this project  provides evidence that Aboriginal health policy in Canada remains largely patchwork - and that jurisdictional issues have increased rather than declined.  

The Aboriginal Health Legislation and Policy Framework in Canada

Regionalization as an Opportunity for Meaningful Indigenous Participation in Healthcare: Comparing Canada and New Zealand

Related Event
Fireside chat with Dr. Josée Lavoie and the NCCAH (Oct.6, 2011) -  The NCCAH  collaborated with CHNet-Works! to host a fireside chat addressing the issue of what a healthy public policy environment might look like in Canada.

Dr. Josée Lavoie explored with more than 90 public health professionals, researchers and program representatives current trends, strengths and gaps in policy and conclude with promising options.

Aboriginal Health: A Patchwork of Policies and Legislation
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